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    Intriguing, Adriana loves to dance more than anything in the world. She is happiest when she is on the floor of a nightclub, just letting herself go. Her body is a sight to behold, too, and she’s definitely got a dancer’s legs. Adriana loves to find new places to dance, drink, and have fun. She is devoted to nightlife and loves to party.
    “We live in a pretty great area when it comes to nightlife, fun, and excitement,” she says. “I think my fascination with all that comes from my upbringing. I grew up in a pretty small town, the kind of place where they rolled the sidewalks up at night, so to speak. I always longed for something more exciting. Not only that, but I would see big cities in the movies and I would wish I could be there, go there, do something else, do anything else. I wanted to travel and see the world. I wanted to be the center of attention. Well, when I found this job, when I discovered escorting, I finally learned how to be the center of attention in a way that benefits me and the surrounding people.”

    Adriana goes on, “When you’re an escort, you naturally have to be something of an exhibitionist. We all like to show off. I mean, when you walk into a restaurant or club with your client on your arm, you’re making him look incredible. You’re showing the world what a stud he is because he’s got such a sexy lady keeping him company. That’s a thrill all by itself because you know people are looking at you. They’re looking you all up and down, undressing you with their eyes, wondering what it is that your client has that put you with him. I love that desire.”

    Age 22
    Height 169 cm
    Weight 55 kg
    Hair Blond
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Rate €250 / hour
    Book now; [email protected]
    +57 301 456 0110 Viber & WhatsApp