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While gorgeous women enjoy keeping others in suspense, they prefer advanced notice when it comes to their own schedules. Escorts Madrid & Escort Madrid. We strongly recommend making an advanced reservation for the same reason you would call a popular restaurant well ahead of time if you are planning to dine out: a reservation often makes a difference between being seated in the VIP section or somewhere next to the kitchen. Making a reservation with us ensures that your date arrives right on time and is the exact same person you wanted to see and not your second choice. Keep in mind that the prettiest ladies are often spoken for early on, so if you have your heart set on a specific gal, call in advance. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule: if you are a regular client, we will go that extra mile for you but even then there is only so much we can do on a busy night. If you are more spur of the moment kind of a guy, not to worry: while reservations are strongly recommended, we always try our best to arrange dates on even a short notice. The time it takes for an escort to arrive to your hotel or residence without a previously made reservation depends on a number of factors, such as your exact geographical location, day of the week, time of the day (or night). At Madrid Escorts, we make every imaginable effort to provide you with an accurate time estimate. As a rule, it takes 15-20 minutes for the girl to get ready plus the driving time to where you are from Miami Beach. Watch out for agencies that make unrealistic promises: it takes 30 minutes to an hour for a pizza delivery so you probably shouldn’t expect a beautiful woman to knock on your door any sooner than that! Every day we receive calls and e-mails from models, college students and aspiring actresses looking to the exciting world of adult entertainment. The phone rings off the hook and we only hire the prettiest ladies with most charming personalities whose passion is to fulfill other people’s dreams and fantasies. Some say that best things in life are free and our fun-loving ladies would gladly waive the fee altogether, but nails, makeup, hair, perfume and designer clothes don’t come cheap. Fortunately, in addition to keeping our rates outrageously low, we offer great discounts for multiple hours and, of course, to old friends!

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Madrid Escorts is an exclusive escort service agency providing outcall escort services to VIP clientele in Spanish Capital since 2009. At Elite Escort Service our goal is to turn new customers into long term regular clients, to meet and exceed high expectations of the most discriminating clientele so they would not even think about calling any other service. Since 2008, nine new customers out of ten became our friends and used our services more than once! Why? Is it because we have the best looking girls? No! Even the most beautiful girls can make you very unhappy by making hidden charges when even a smile will cost you extra, poison you, steal your valuables, embarrass, blackmail you, etc. Then why did thousands of of the most discriminating gentlemen and couples including hundreds of celebrities and CEOs of fortune 500 companies chose us as an exclusive provider in Spanish Capital? We are NOT like most of other agencies who just dispatch independent escorts for more money and have no control over them. We do our job and this is why our clientele always enjoys spending time with escort girls that we chose to work with.

Escorts Madrid & Escort Madrid

Escorts Madrid & Escort Madrid

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