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    Smoking-hot Barbara is a former gymnast whose body shows all the signs of having been well cared for. She is extremely flexible and extremely fun. She knows that in order to show a man a good time, you’ve got to be willing to push yourself a little, and she is always looking for the edges of her comfort zone. Not only that, but she believes maintaining a positive attitude is the key to a happy and successful life and career. “Who do people want to be around?” Barbara asks. “It isn’t the people who are negative all the time. You’ve heard the term ‘psychic vampire’ before, haven’t you? That’s what negative people are. They’re the sorts of people who suck all the energy out of the room. Nobody wants to be around the person who makes them feel drained and unhappy. There have been studies that say negative people like negative company and don’t enjoy more upbeat people trying to cheer them up. That just proves that negativity breeds negativity. Really negative people just don’t like to break out of that. They want to dwell in their misery.”

    “Positive people,” she goes on, “by contrast… well, positive people can do anything. They inspire others. Think about the teacher or leader you looked up to most in life. That person was probably very positive. He or she made you feel inspired about things, made you feel like you were up to a challenge, made you feel like there was nothing you couldn’t do. Wouldn’t you rather be that sort of person? I know I would. So every day, that’s the type of person I strive to be. I try to be as positive as I possibly can. When you’re armed with that can-do attitude, then there’s nothing that’s going to stand in your way.”

    Age 27
    Height 167 cm
    Weight 57 kg
    Hair Blonde
    Ethnicity – East Europe
    Rate €250 / hour
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