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    Exotic Britney prides herself on being something just a little different. Yes, she is very beautiful, like all the girls we have on staff, but with Britney, there is always an added element of variety and adventure. There is nothing Britney won’t try. She’s up for just about anything you can throw at her, and she loves doing new and exciting things with her clients. “People think I’m kidding,” Britney says, “when I tell them I am up for anything. But I think you owe it to yourself not to say no to things. No matter what new experience comes your way, you should be willing to try. That, to me, is courage. Courage can be something like in a war movie, sure, but courage for everyday people is about facing the things they might not try. Everything in your life is a decision between trying and not trying something. Everything new that comes your way, from a meal for a place to have fun to a person you didn’t know… they’re all opportunities. They’re all a chance to do and try something new. And the best part about meeting someone new is that they can challenge you to push yourself.”

    Britney goes on, “When I’m out with a client I love to find out what makes him tick. What’s going on in his mind? Who is he as a person… and what does he consider new and exciting? I love it when a client pushes me to try new things because we both benefit. We both find a way to enjoy our lives that much more. Every moment of every day, I am looking for ways to enjoy myself more and to enrich my experiences. When you look back on your life, it’s only your memories that you’ll have.”

    Age 21
    Height 168 cm
    Weight 55 kg
    Hair Brunette
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Rate €200 / hour
    Book now; [email protected]
    +57 301 456 0110 Viber & WhatsApp