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    Gorgeous Eduarda is an unashamed flirt who loves to seduce men with her smoky looks and her body language. She knows that every man has fantasies about a girl as hot as she is, and she’s happy to play up to them. She knows her sex drive is in overdrive most of the time, but she seems okay with it, and honestly, everyone who encounters her seems pretty okay with it too. “There is a way to seduce a man that can be done with a look alone,” Eduarda explains. “Every woman can seduce with her body and her voice. You can talk dirty to a man, tell him the things you want to do with him, tell him all the things you would like him to do to you… that is the easiest way to seduce someone. That’s how you get inside someone’s head instantly and learn what it is they desire. I enjoy that kind of thing, but it’s not the hardest and most challenging way to do it. I like a challenge. Likewise, I like to push myself and really put my desirability to the test.”
    She goes on, “When you can seduce a man without talking to him, without touching him, just by using your body and your looks, then you know you have what it takes. From across a room, I can lock eyes with a man and transmit to him just what it is I have in mind. I like to communicate that way. I think we all need to do more listening and less talking. That’s what the language of love and romance is, after all. It’s all non-verbal. It’s all getting your mind across to someone without filling the air with a lot of noise. I find that very refreshing. I really do.”

    Age 26
    Height 167 cm
    Weight 58 kg
    Hair Black
    Ethnicity – Latina
    Rate €300 / hour
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    +57 301 456 0110 Viber & WhatsApp