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    Luscious Estania likes to stay active. She is happiest when she is running and likes to keep her body in excellent shape. You might call her an addict when it comes to sweating and exercising, but she sees it as the only way to be if she wants to look her best for the men in her life. “I just absolutely love my sexy body,” she explains. “I like to stand naked in my place and look at my body for a long time, just kind of luxuriating in the full-length mirror. I like to put my hands on my body and explore my own curves. The landscape of my body is something I’ve worked hard to cultivate. I want to make sure it stays the kind of shape that men will find appealing. I know that the hotter I am, the better I am able to do my job. It’s really special to be able to say that. I don’t take this body, or the power it grants me, for granted. And I know that every man who goes out with me is really going to enjoy himself because having a beautiful, sexy lady on your arm is every man’s fantasy.” Estania explains that she is all about fulfilling fantasies. “Everybody has desires,” she says. “Some of us pretend we don’t, but that’s just silly. You’re a product of your desires. You deserve to have them fulfilled. And you deserve to be able to explore the things that turn you on and make you happy. I think everyone has that coming to them, and if more of us did it, we would all be a lot happier. That’s the kind of world I want to live in. That’s the kind of world I want to make for others.”

    Age 26
    Height 169 cm
    Weight 55 kg
    Hair Brunette
    Ethnicity – Latin
    Rate €300 / hour
    Book now; [email protected]
    +57 301 456 0110 Viber & WhatsApp