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* Please leave at least 5 days lead time for travel arrangements, or additional last-minute fees may apply due to inevitable problems that can occur with booking last-minute travel arrangements. Thank you* The beautiful and accomplished Madrid Escorts travel companions love to escort you somewhere new, and always enjoy a chance to venture out of their locale and savor an extended travel assignment with you. Whether you’re booking 6 hours for a coast-to-coast business trip, or a multi-day luxury indulgence, we can definitely assist you. Are you onboard a super yacht, seeking bikini models and dinner companions? Click here for information on our exclusive super yacht services. Perhaps you’re seeking a revitalizing weekend away, or a relaxing vacation for a few weeks? Regardless of your timing, we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and preferences for companionship. Your time will be fondly remembered.

travel companion – elite travel buddy

All our companions travel by business class, (economy acceptable for flights less than 5 hours), and all funds for travel appointments are due in advance, at least 5 days before the model is to fly. We will arrange her flight and send a confirmation immediately unless you are arranging your own jet conveyance. Please allow as much time as possible for arrangements, as flight availability can change quickly. We can also assist you with airport transfers, resort reservations, limousine conveyance, private jets, helicopters, and even close protection (personal security). We consider our callers as intelligent and cultured gentlemen, who understand how to appropriately conduct themselves, and how to treat the companions, who are their invited guests. For the duration of her time with you, the model is under your protection and care. Should there be any discrepancies, please remain calm and call us immediately to discuss. Issues are rare, but can always be worked out satisfactorily.


The models must have their own room key, with access to freely come and go as they please.
The models must have 2 hours in every 24 hours to themselves for personal grooming needs.
The models must have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours.
They must be informed of any appropriate attire they’ll require, especially if you decide to take them to a different location or climate than was originally booked. In this instance, you should be prepared to purchase for her the items she may not have brought with her – overcoat, bikini, evening gown, etc…